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Living with bipolar (manic depressive) disorder means being able to experience the highs and lows in life in extreme ways. After a while you learn to know the depths and widths of your soul, creating a sensitivity to life that can be hard to comprehend to others. In the journey, life might feel like a rollercoaster, and in relation to others that can create an equal feeling of sadness and joy, of hate and love.

“Stemming from bipolar (namely bipolar depression), bipopular refers to the condition where a person may be loved and hated in relatively equal measure (or swing between the two extremes).” – Urban Dictionary

At BIPOPULAR we want to help the bipolar community, by creating technology that matters.

Our aim is to make life a little bit easier, by creating tools that can help you take more control of your everyday life.

We know how hard it is (read Veronicas life story), but we do also believe life is meant to be lived at its fullest.

That´s why we are here. For you. In every season.

We´re are very proud to call ourselves BIPOPULAR and help the bipolar community, with precise technology and qualitative ideas that promote a healthier lifestyle.


Our aim at BIPOPULAR is to provide ways for you as bipolar so that you can get better control of your situation and improve your quality of life.

That´s why we created this app.

With our app you can get a better look at your ups and downs. You can also connect the application with your doctor which gives him or her an overview of your whereabouts.

The app contains basically three features:
1. Daily questions that help you check how you´re feeling, which you can follow on a graph over time.
2. A possibility to manage an activitycalendar, which helps you plan your everyday life in a proactive way.
3. You can choose to connect the app with your doctor, for accurate evaluation of you daily moods over time.

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    • The app contains 10 daily questions, which helps you follow your mood swings over time.


    • The app contains an activity calendar that helps you plan your everyday life in a proactive way.


    • The app can be connected to your doctor, which gives him/her the possibility to get an overview of your mood swings.

    Connection to doctor